After over twenty years as a football obsessive, it wasn’t until 2017 that I took the dive into nonleague football, with a visit to Hampton & Richmond Borough.  A 1-1 draw with Ebbsfleet United might not have been the best advert, but I was hooked.  In the professional game, I follow Plymouth Argyle, my home team, and Arsenal, but nonleague has become my main love in football.

Since that fateful first outing, I’ve been lucky enough to become a small part of the game that I love, through the medium of photography and writing.  After two years as a roving photographer/reporter, being published in numerous local newspapers, club programmes and the Non-League Paper, I decided to volunteer at a club in 2020/21.

Neatly, that club was Hampton & Richmond Borough, bringing the circle back around to the beginning, and I’m lucky enough to be a part of the team of volunteers who help keep that great outfit ticking over.  On top of my role at HRBFC, I’m also part of the team who cover the Fulham Academy teams, and am a pundit on the weekly NLFullTime Podcast (available on all reputable Podcast outlets).

This website itself has been a labour of love, and I was astonished when it ticked over 100,000 hits in the summer of 2020.  For anyone who looks at the website, or has listened to the podcast and thinks they’d like to do something similar, my advice is simply – do!  Get down to your local non-league club, watch matches, offer your services – I guarantee you’ll be warmly received, and you won’t regret it.

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